Monday, 28 November 2011

Coats to die for...

I really felt in love with this absolutely mind blowing collection of coats by ASOS...
They are all amazing and with such a great variety of styles everyone can pick something special for themselves...
You can check out more of their coats on their website from which I've got all of the pictures above...
I'm so gonna get the last one...!!!!


  1. My favourite is the 6th one! :)

  2. fur!!! yes!!!
    thanks so much for your words on my 'break-up post' ... means a lot.. I do am sad.. very sad.. but yeah, I guess it was time for me to get my heart broken for a change.. though, I don't know how people do it.. now I understand my friends when I yelled at them no to call 'him' and they got pissed because I didn't know how hard it was not to.. "this too shall pass" (I hope).. thanks a lot! :)

  3. Amazing coats!