Saturday, 15 October 2011

Feeling cold....

Boots, bag, shorts and sunnies; you've seen it all here before
Jewellery; online shops, makerts
Jacket; honestly cannot remember as it was ages ago
Hat; Primark

London is getting cold and so it's just the right time to take out our autumn/winter clothing...
I'm a big fan of coats and jumpers and so definitely prefer my 'colder' wardrobe rather than all the bits and pieces that I wear when it's boiling hot...

Primark has some great hats so you better go and get it as November will absolutely belong to the H&M's collection designed by Versace!!!


  1. love the entire outfit, that's what I like to call "the effortlessly cool look".. I can't wait for winter to arrive my city, I'm still wearing sun dresses and wedges, and I'm a cold season girl.. summer's not really my thing.. and how cool you'll get to pick some goodies from the versace collection for H&M, I doubt I'll get some of those pieces here, or at least the few of them will be sold in matter of seconds no doubt..
    thanks for your comment on my post, I appreciate your support.. I'll give this writting thing a chance.. maybe I'll love it as much as drawing.. stay cool!